I’ve found Amazon Echo et al are so incredibly invasive… for what? I don’t even want a “smart” TV, let alone a “smart” refridgerator. And why should I, or anyone else?

People ought to know the real purpose behind putting a microprocessor in everything from credit cards and baby monitors to refridgerators and TVs: it’s the “Internet of Things”. They say there’s this absolutely massive financial potential in such a thing, even if it is yet to be realised… the more astute among you will know what companies are really after with this: it’s basically information. They want information and knowledge about you, because all of the other legacy technology companies see the billions of dollars that Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Co. are making from selling such information… and they’e envious, and out of other ideas.

At present though, the consumer incentives for buying into IoT are a fucking joke. “Amazon Echo can act like a text-to-speech Google clone!” Wow, right? I’ve had Billy Mays sell me useless shit more swiftly. And what’s even sadder are the refrigerators and whatnot – they’re simply copypasting existing functionality and tacking it onto a fridge… is this a joke? Fact is, these companies have yet to get their ducks in a row and start selling users their own information. And isn’t that just the challenge? 😏

Right now, we have pretty much zero reason to be just dying to have an IoT device for ourselves. All of their money is being made through information, but the only people who want to pay for it are advertisers! We don’t care about ads like they do. People never have, and never will. The strategy is broken.

The first behemoth enterprise to give people a real, honest to God reason to have their information sold back to them wins a solid gold Cupie doll. Trust me on that.